Annual Meeting 2016 April 1-3
Moab, Utah

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UFOP is a statewide non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to preserving Utah's fossil resources through public education and volunteer support of sponsoring institutions.

Museum-based classes train UFOP members to assist paleontologists in a variety of ways. Trained volunteers may participate in museum-sponsored digs, specimen preparation projects, and public outreach programs. UFOP is developing a certification program for members who acquire paleontology skills and knowledge.

Individual chapters provide educational meetings, field trips and volunteer work for university paleontological research as well as for the State Paleontologist's office at the Utah Geological Survey.


Anyone can join UFOP and the public is welcome at any chapter's meetings.

Our UFOP Brochure and Membership Application is available on-line in PDF, Download Brochure.